Take your flooring

To the next level with our SPC engineered vinyl floors and take advantage of all its features both for residential and commercial use.


Our Floors

Etterna G Floors are cutting-edge technology of modern vinyl flooring. We offer a combination of innovative engineering flooring with a wide variety of natural looking finishes. With a complete range of matching auxiliary products, it is the best flooring solution for any location.

Water based UV ceramic ultra matt coating

Durable transparent wearlayer

High quality decor film

Latest SPC technology

Built-in Underlay


The floor is an SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) 6.5mm thick. The wear layer is the strongest in the market with 20 mil. 

The floor has a lifetime warranty for residential use and a 30 year warranty for commercial use. It is an engineered floor, in which looks very similar to wood and it is structured in layers. The floors come with the padding included/attached, so it can be installed directly on any flat solid surface and/or to existing tile flooring without haveing to remove the existing tile flooring.

The flooring click system is Unilin which makes the floor very easy to install.


SPC Vinyl Floor

Is a dense and rigid floor that doesn’t give underfoot and feels comfortably as this type of floor tends to get cold easily. SPC stands for Stone Polymer Composite which is a limestone core mixed with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) dust and stabilizers, making them durable and suitable for basements, kitchens, bathrooms, commercial places and sunrooms.



Quick and Easy to Lay

Astonishing Designs

Lock System

Lock System

Built-in Underlay

Reduces Noise


Minimal Floor Prep

Low Maintenance

Hard Wearing

Hard Wearing

Laid over Existing Floor

Compatible with Heating



Less Expensive than Wood Polymer Composite floors


DIY-friendly thanks to its lock system


Lifetime residential warranty and long commercial warranty


Prevents insects and termites effectively


Dents resistance which make it a great option for commercial use

Our Alliance

Is a durable, resilient material that is perfect for busy or even messy families. It’s also one of the strongest surfaces available on the market.